Link to zoomable map Falmouth Health Centre, GP unit Tel 01326 210090
Trevaylor Rd, Falmouth, UK, TR11 2LH

Chemists in Falmouth & Penryn          Printable Google map

All these pharmacies accept electronic prescriptions.
Repeat prescriptions will be sent electronically automatically if you have already nominated a destination pharmacy.
This system has already seen a dramatic reduction in the number of prescriptions 'mislaid' between the Practice and the pharmacy

Day Lewis
Falmouth Health Centre,  Tel 212300
Opening hours
Monday to Friday  07:00 - Midnight
Saturday                  09:00 - 18:00
Sunday                    10:00 - 16:00

Day Lewis
Situated near the top of Killigrew St, Falmouth Tel 312074

In Market St, Falmouth Tel 312445

In Market St, Falmouth Tel 312373

Boots Trescobeas
on Trescobeas Rd next to Falmouth Hospital, Tel 315579

Hendra Pharmacy
Market St, Penryn, Tel 373357

Penryn Surgery
Tel 372233
On line / mail order pharmacy Tel 0870 787 6220

Using an internet pharmacy? Check it is reputable. Advice here

ESSO Garage, Dracaena Avenue
Consider this as a possible source of simple remedies when Day Lewis at the Health Centre is close. Alternatively ASDA in Penryn.


Last updated 20 May 2015