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NHS Numbers

Your NHS number is printed on your medical card (FP4). However, if you have a very old medical card  it may show your old NHS number. The new number is 10 digits long, and contains no letters.

If you do not have a medical card, or it does not show your new style number then there are several ways to find out what it is.

Nearly all prescriptions issued by GP surgery computers have your number below your name and address at the top.

Patient receiving repeat prescriptions at this Practice should find their number on the right hand sheet above the listing of medicines approved for issue on repeat.

It is written on every letter sent from the surgery to patients.

You can obtain your number by attending the Surgery with proof of identity. For your protection we are unable to release it on request over the phone.

We suggest you should not release your personal information, including your NHS number, to anyone who does not have good reason to know it

Your NHS Number - NHS Choices


Last update 12 May 2017