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Caroline Cable

Caroline is our Patient Services Manager and is available on 310156

I left nursing and joined the Health Centre team in 1986 as a receptionist but became involved with the changeover to computerisation and data quality soon after. In April 2004 the GPs began to work under a new contract which demands excellent data quality in patients’ medical records – we are now paperless and all clinical information is held on the computer system – along with appropriate follow-up systems for certain medical conditions and it is part of my job to ensure that the practice team are pulling together to attain the maximum quality standards. I also am the administrative lead with regard to prescribing issues and oversee the Repeat Prescription process. We now run a Sexual Health Clinic, (see the link to this on the left) which I manage; liaising with Drs and patients regarding results.

Outside work I enjoy music, reading, I'm a keen runner and a Member of Falmouth Road Runners and Mud Crew Trail Runners


 Last updated 10 December 2013