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Important information:
The Government has given itself the power to extract confidential information from your clinical records which it can use for what ever purposes it considers appropriate.  We have no power to object at Practice level. You can individually opt out of this process by informing us of your wishes. If you do nothing you will be opted in.
If you wish to opt out please email us on   (preferred) or inform our Receptionists. Please note that we cannot accept requests on behalf of any other competent adult, even your partner/husband/wife/adult child.
You must indicate clearly which of the following codes you wish added to your record -

"Dissent from secondary use of GP patient identifiable data"  (Read Code: 9Nu0 )
"Dissent from disclosure of personal confidential data by Health and Social Care Information Centre" (Read code 9Nu4 )

If you wish to opt back in then ask for the following code(s) to be added:

"Withdraw dissent from secondary use of GP patient identifiable data" (Read code 9Nu1 )
"Dissent withdrawn from disclosure of personal confidential data by Health and Social Care Information Centre" (Read code 9Nu5 )

We cannot contact any other NHS organisation on your behalf regarding this issue and we do not control their data.
A comprehensive description of how information is shared from GP databases is given on the Falkland Surgery (Newbury) website (as of 14.Feb 2014)
A very comprehensive description of what is planned for and what you can do about it is given on Dr Neil Bhatia's website along with numerous other links and references.
We regret we have no further information to give you.


We have a duty of confidentiality to you our patients. We regard this as being of the utmost importance. We would like to make a few points about this.

We are frequently asked for reports by insurance companies, solicitors, employers etc. Before providing these reports we shall require written consent. Where the consent does not appear to make clear the full extent we may ask for more explicit consent direct from the patient or his representative. For example solicitors frequently request copies of the entire medical record even though you may imagine they have only requested copies of the records pertaining to the accident/event.

We cannot provide information to relatives and spouses without consent.

You have a right to examine your notes according to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Members of staff may need access to patient's medical records for administrative purposes. Staff from the Health Authority, who are fully trained and authorised and have a duty of confidentiality, may be involved in ensuring that claims for payment made by the practice correspond to the services provided.

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Last updated 12 May 2017