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Contact Lenses in the sea

Are you a short sighted spectacle wearer who enjoys surfing? Can you see what you are doing? Can you see those waves on the horizon, or the other water users before your fins turn the sea red? If not, contact lenses might be for you. 
Normal contact lenses need sterilisation with fresh solutions that expire after a month, and are expensive to replace if lost. There is a answer; single use disposables.
Acuvue or similar lenses are individually packed an need no additional kit. Just take them out of the pack and put them in your eyes. Keep them in the car and use them only if you go in the sea. And if they come out when you are surfing (which is very rare) you have not lost anything important or expensive.  
Furthermore if you have tried contacts before and did not tolerate them because your eyes were too dry; not a problem in the sea! And you only have to wear them for an hour or 3 so tolerance is much less of a problem.
See your optician to discuss fitting.

NB; this is a recommendation based on personal experience only.

Richard James

 Last updated 12 May 2017