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Trevaylor Rd, Falmouth, UK, TR11 2LH

Dr Vicky Hartnell MB BS (St Thomas') 1987.  MRCGP, DRCOG, DipFSRH

“A primary task of frontline health workers becomes one of trying to locate and foster hope, opportunity, dignity and respect within the patient’s life story and its context”

Iona Heath BMJ 2008;337:a672

I am a middle-aged mother working part-time as a partner here since 2004. I qualified in 1987 in London, and trained as a GP, taking up my first partnership in Horfield, Bristol in 1991. I have been lucky enough to relocate to this beautiful county where I can find beauty, beaches and boats.

Good general medical care, delivered kindly and efficiently, is what I aim to provide. After more than twenty years in the NHS I am still very proud of what general practice delivers, despite the constant organisational changes with which we are faced. My best teachers have always been my patients and my colleagues, and no-one has managed to organise them away yet!

Last updated 12 May 2017