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Medical information on the Internet

There are many Internet sites that offer excellent support to sufferers and their families, and we hope that our site will help you to find them.
The quality of information on the Internet varies from excellent to abysmal. One of the challenges for any users is to discriminate good from bad. This list attempt to provide links to some quality sites.
This information is provided on a 'best endeavours' basis. We cannot be responsible for the quality of other sites.
Many Internet sites have completely unregulated and unvalidated content so please be careful about interpreting any information you may find.
A number of sites express views or advice that may be controversial, misleading or dangerous. Please Beware!
Standard medical management varies between countries, which can cause understandable confusion.
Many articles are written for Medically trained people and can be misinterpreted without a knowledge of the background context.
Information or consultation over the Internet should be seen as a support to your relationship with your Doctor, but please never a substitute!



Last updated 12 May 2017