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Trevaylor Rd, Falmouth, UK, TR11 2LH

Register with the Practice

You may register with the Practice by visiting us and completing a registration form. We will request sight of some form of ID for adults (PhotoID preferred)

Alternatively you may download a form from here

  • Complete it not forgetting your signature
  • Bring it to the surgery
  • Also please bring a copy of some form of ID for adults (PhotoID preferred)

As it can take some time for your old records to reach us we will invite you to have a brief free medical check with out nurse.

When you register with the Practice, you will be allocated a GP. Your named GP has overall responsibility for your care. This does not prevent you from seeing any other Doctor in the Practice, subject to availability.
If you have a preference for which GP you are allocated, please inform us when you register and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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