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Ultrasound scanner

This is our ultrasound scanner, a Toshiba Nemio 10. This provides significantly better image quality and replaces our old ATL Ultramark 4Plus which has seen over 10 years of service. We are able to perform scans of the pelvis and abdomen including early fetal scans. This service enables much faster scans at the Health Centre saving the wait for an appointment at, and travel to, Treliske Hospital. These are performed by Dr James following referral from a GP in the practice.
Most of the money to purchase this equipment was raised by the Friends of the Health Centre after a great deal of hard and much appreciated work.

The Ultrasound service has been discontinued due to lack of funding. If you are interested in buying the machine please contact the Practice Manager

Toshiba web site for Nemio range 

Some images from the Toshiba site